Shara Yurkiewicz, MD

Hometown: Woodmere, NY

Why I Chose Stanford PM&R: The support and expertise of faculty, the passion of residents, the depth and breadth of clinical training, the wealth of resources, the opportunities for research

Undergraduate Education: Yale University

Medical School: Harvard Medical School    

Internship: Overlook Medical Center

Professional Interests: Neurorehabilitation, spinal cord injury, medical journalism, narrative medicine

Research Interests: Spinal cord injury, medical ethics, disability rights

Professional Awards/Positions/Honors: AAAS Mass Media Fellowship

Personal Interests: Writing, reading, hiking, watching live theater, finding new comedy clubs    

Fun Facts: I started a blog at the beginning of medical school entitled "This May Hurt a Bit" to record my thoughts and feelings about the medical training experience. I've continued to write through residency.