For Patients

At our center, we are dedicated to treating the entire spectrum of back, spine, hip and shoulder pain syndromes. Our first goal is to make an accurate diagnosis using physical examination, history, and when indicated state of the art medical diagnostic equipment available at Stanford Medical Center.

We focus on conservative, non-operative care, and often will try to help your pain through custom physical therapy programs, alternative medical treatments, and medications. If you fail these treatments, we are also able to offer more sophisticated pain procedures and surgical opinions.

If you have suffered from spine or other joint pain, or even are concerned about a nagging pain that has been around for years, we would be happy to see you and help restore function, and decrease pain.

New Patient Consultation

Spine and joint pain: 1-650-498-7555

Sports Medicine: 1-650-498-7555

Palo Alto Veteran’s Affairs (VA): General Rehabilitation 1-650-493-5000 X 65801