PM&R Interest Group

The PM&R Interest Group at the Stanford University School of Medicine was established to introduce medical students to the field of Physical Medicine and rehabiliation, promote a multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach to healthcare, and maximize quality of life of our community through educational and community service events and mentorship. Upcoming events include volunteering in adaptive sports events focused on faciliating and encouraging veteran recovery from various neurological injuries, teaching hands-on didactic workshops, and hosting a multi-school conference with stations demostrating the different subspeciatilies within the field. Medical student representatives include Jake Mooney (Pictured), Torsten Rotto. Resident advisors include Anne Kuwabara (pictured), Anita Lowe and Gary Vargas. 

Ultrafest - October 2018

The Stanford Emergency Medicine Department hosted its 3rd an annual Ultrafest event on October 20th, 2018. Ultrafest is a conference that gathers hundreds of medical students from around the country to teach them the important and life-saving skills of bedside ultrasound. Small group sessions focused on the didactics of ultrasound and the development of the practical manual dexterity skills of this technology. This year, for the first time, the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation department volunteered to teach the musculoskeletal station focusing on the shoulder and the knee. Department volunteers included Dr. Eugene Roh, Dr. Lisa Huynh, Dr. Richard Lawley, Dr. Emily Kraus, Dr. Kevin Barrette, Dr. Anne Kuwabara, Dr. Emily Miller, Dr. Manoj Mohan, and Dr. Tiffany Chang. PM&R interest group medical student volunteers included Torsten Rotto.

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