PM&R Annual Resident Research Day
April 11th 2018

Guest Speaker

Dr. Heidi Prather - University of Washington, School of Medicine

Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Vice Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery. Chief of Section in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. PM&R Musculoskeletal Sports Medicine Fellowship Co-Director. Director of Orthopaedic Spine Center

Recent Resident Presentations

PGY3 Residents

Kevin Barrette, MD The Value of Electrodiagnostic Studies in Predicting Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Spine Pathologies
Tiffany Chang, MD Weight Changes in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting After Traumatic Brain Injury in the Active Duty Military Population
Carter Docking, MD Associations between a physician-led medicial speciality education course and future residency choices among pre-medical students
Ryan Fraiser, MD A Prospective Study of Intra-articular Lumbar Zygapophysial Joint Corticosteriod Injection(s) as Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain
Stephanie Jones, MD Choosing an aticoaglant in patient who sustained complete spinal cord injury and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Yumi Mitsuya, MD Platelet Rich Plasma Injection versus Exrtacorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Gluteus Minimus/Medius Tendinopathy
Shara Yurkiewicz, MD Heterotopic Ossification after SCI: can we prevent it?

PGY4 Residents

Rupali Kumar, MD Effectiveness of an Interactive Educational Module on PM&R Resident Confidence and Competence in Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Grace Maloney, MD The Feasibilty of Home-Based Virtual Reality Rehabiliatation for the Upper Extremity in Subacute and Chronic Stroke Study
Courtenay Stewart, DO The Feasibility of Home-Based Virtual Reality Rehabiliatation for the Upper Extremity in Subacute and Chronic Stroke Study
Christina Klein, MD Utilization of Mechinical Insufflation-Exsufflation Maneuver for Initial Tracheostomy Tube cuff Deflation in High Cervical Tetrapelgia
Matthew Lucas, DO Treatment of Severe Hip Osteoarthritis using an Autologous Adipose Graft
Joseph Wong, MD Dysphagia in Individuals with Tetrapegia: incidence and characterization of swallowing phases
Josh Rae, MD Depressionin Chronic Spinal Cord Injured patients evaluated with PHQ-9; A case series

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